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3385176172_343bb4b75d_mAugust 4, 2009
All religions have embarrassing ‘pockets’ of members that challenge those who communicate with sensitivity and openness. Even saying that will raise the rebuttal of those that are more ‘literal’ interpretors of a religions sources of acceptable behavior. People come into any group with usually a mixed background of ‘unresolved issues’ both from childhood and, current that influence their attitudes and, reflections of that particular religion.

In a sense, being active in a ‘religion’ ostensibly is an opportunity to learn how to deal with the many factions and idiosyncrasies that should make one more understanding of themselves and others. Tradition of those who came before, is a large part of religions, as for the Jews, where strong social and family fabric is deemed so important. Betterment of values and morals is thought to be a requirement that necessitates belonging and, seriously melting and bonding with a religion.

The irony in promoting the desirability of being a certain religion is that no religion is necessary for the individual who, with ‘self love and awareness’, finds a rational, blissful existence on their own with no religion. The ‘Jesus life’, that has now been established as ‘symbolic’ of ‘enlightened ways of living’, was never about a man who was attached to any religion (Buddha also). Even well known contemporary ‘mystics or spiritual Masters’ clearly state that they would not be a follower of groups that tend to worship them. The path of the ‘seeker of truth’ is always a pathless path into the unknown and, alone. The masses are too occupied with other matters to pay strong attention to the challenges of finding their highest self.

Every religion creates ‘representatives’ that seemingly want to do good for everyone by proselytizing their ancient way as the only way to some promised objective after this life, be it a ‘heaven’ or some ‘nirvana’. Fear and guilt are primary methods of keeping the ‘sheeple’ in the flock. The ‘ancient paths’ are riddled with truths and falsities that may or may not apply to life today, not to mention, myths that are believed to be ‘real’. All answers are available to those that find self love and, are always in awareness and compassion for all moments here and now. One just has to be ‘more concerned and vigilant for the answers of the inherent blisses and joys of life that are found within.

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