Two God Marriages

2406208863_14c62524a5_mJuly 31, 2009
Few have an understandable idea of what this God is and, many couples have differing viewpoints about what they don’t understand! Sometimes one partner follows a religion and the other just ‘goes along with it’ to keep the peace in the name of ‘open mindedness’. Functional marriages are pretty ‘boiler plate’ anywhere in the world with the female more subservient and/or more disconnected with her heart than she would want and deserve.

Old ‘cultural customs and habits’ die a very slow death from centuries ago and, are rarely recognized as such by most. Few maintain a deep letting go that allows the merger of 2 people into a oneness of feeling and thought. Independence became favored in the ’60’s and ’70’s while ignoring that one plus one in love equals a new entity called an ‘us’ that allows free thinking by each, of course but, with compassionate communication always.

Inner feelings and thoughts, for an excellent relationship, must merge into one and not be separate even if respected or tolerated. This doesn’t mean that two people can’t have separate outer interests like one in golf and the other in tennis or fishing. Closeness in merging dissipates all religions, belief systems, chemical dependencies, selfish habits, etc., as that intimacy reveals the scriptures of the heart and, an awareness automatically when the chemistry is united. ‘Functional’ is a partial merger often for the sake of children or perceived responsibilities. The mysteries and beauties of coupling don’t emanate clearly in any coupling that doesn’t have the magical ingredient of deep communication and love.

Two differing philosophies, religions, belief systems, or, even selfish habits, creates a wedge beyond what a true marriage or intimate relationship should be. Marriage is first about love and, a love that endlessly grows with communication and agreements compatible with each other. All religions or spiritual worlds are for show ‘only’ without demonstrable total merging of two souls. Quality is an immeasurable measurement and, not quantity of time. One ‘godliness’ flows best. Truth is dangerous but, blissfully unbearable!

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