Rock and Roll Moodies

872348403_c4c53f272b_mJuly 29, 2009
Nothing is more fun than living with a person who ?swings with
moods?! It?s ?rocks? and roll all the time! ?Mood swingers? are a
challenge like ?catching a greased pig?. It takes a combination of
skill and luck to keep up with them. Two ?mood swingers?
together is a perpetual dance into ?purgatory? bouncing between
heaven and hell! A ?noodle-brain? circus like this needs no
Life?s about relationships and, that doesn?t mean quality love necessarily. Biology and
the ?love bubble? work well until the demons make their unexpected appearance for the
?rst of in?nite ?jam sessions?! For better or worse is a ?very serious? agreement if there
are any hidden reservations. Relationships are teachers often without a teacher! Rare
are couples both focused on what?s to be learned for the growth of the coupling,
particularly two ?yo yo? people feeding off each other.
Communication doesn?t mean just talking ?helter skelter? about nonsense but a way to
unveil totally what and, who you are as well as all private wishes and
thoughts. Communication isn?t arguing several times per week or
more or, either inciting verbal abuse! I can say from experience, that
as a well centered, high self love individual, connecting with another
of the same is nothing but continual ?heaven?. Same ?me?
connecting with ?miss unresolved issues? is inevitably a ?rocks and
rolls? experience! That is something important to know either if one
is ?fairly centered? or, even an emotional roller coaster type.
Roller coaster types elucidate love as much as any other ones but,
dissonance does get in the way of the expression that is so
important. Agreements early on for how to deal with the problem
when it occurs is very necessary beginning with the ?roller coaster?
admitting on the spot a lack of compassion and sensitivity toward the
other. Love continues at a high level with only the rare couple but, all eradic love can be
smoothed over with awareness, self acceptance and a reaching down to the love
hidden away to bring into the light….for love?s sake

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