Jew Haters

3476308833_003c35dd1b_mJuly 26, 2009
This refers to Jews who hate! These pseudo jews who carry a flag of self hatred are a cancer to all the loving jews in the world. They are significantly behind the perception that ‘jew hatred’ is bigger than it is. It does NOT exist in America as people think (among the non jews). This is a mind projection by ‘negative jews’ that becomes believable by jews and non jews. It’s taken me a long time to see this but, it is.

I would tell any young person to make friends with positive jews because it will somehow bring them good fortune as it has me (not money necessarily either). It may be true that jews are more obsessed with money but at least 1/2 of America is addicted to shopping anyway, not to mention money! Just look at how the men are always shopping!! Then there are the folks who read everything literally- Dios Mio!

I was attacked by 3 Israeli ‘jew haters’ over one of my 50 free speech display boards in Los Angeles early in the century. The sign was as positive as I always am, even if it’s seeming negative (to the ‘negative’) but with a positive intent. I was much stronger and larger than these ‘knuckleheads’ but had the common sense to ‘turn the other cheek’ and chalk it up as well, 3 knuckleheads! Recently, on line here, another one peeked his head up and called me as one who ‘spews Jew Hatred’ even though, I challenge anyone to find a more loving person toward Jews in general (I’m a Swede too and, not attached to that by the way).

Every religion has a ‘cancer’ within it and, that cancer is why some of the most intelligent, refuse to be a part of it, unknown to the masses of the religion who are led by these ‘haters’ who pose as ‘pillars’ of their communities. Those who are not welcoming to other positive viewpoints beyond their ‘cult’, are what keeps the open minded, intelligent away. Once one is dead, whatever happens, one doesn’t take the ‘jew’ or any religion with them. Sorry, Charley! It’s better to smell the roses!

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