In the Outhouse

43306102_69cb4c6097_mJuly 28, 2009
What keeps humanity kvetching and, stuck in the ‘outhouse’ complaining persistently and whining about the world, not to mention, their own miseries? All of my adult life I’ve been exposed to the public in the 10’s of millions yearly from NYC and subways to the beaches of Southern California, seeing most of the masses walking as if ‘naked’ to the alert viewer, with what’s going on in their life. Like weeds in the yard, year after year, there are little changes in people as they do the zombie walk to nowhere in particular except to the car to seek America’s religion – shopping.

Life needs ‘temples of love’ beyond the outhouses (shitters) that people are so quick to fall into with an acceptance of ‘oh, well’. Women are the ‘temples of love’ and need to find within themselves the deepest love possible while not giving it away to just any male illusion that gives away her power.

Few couples are not practicing covert adultery! Cheating on love and romance whether on the ‘sly’ or by ignoring the nurturing of love and communication is a slow form of adultery that may be less visible. Secret desires are ‘adulterous’ if not agreed to be fine. All ‘adultery’ is complicit, it ‘take two to tango’! As total communication sleeps, a type of ‘adultery’ grows. Hopefully, few in my ‘list circle’ are abusers of open love and communications.

Walking down ‘any street’, observe those passing by and, most will have unhappiness written all over them. People tend to wear who they are if one sees with a discerning eye. They are ‘out of the house’ and without a home ‘within’ as they drag through the days having only flickers of hope that they will begin to feel all of life’s blessings. Rich or poor has little to do with smelling the ‘roses of life’! Finding the love within, a light of bliss follows one throughout all life’s shadows, allowing every moment to be a new beginning.

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