Zip, Zap … Clunk!

3121011026_e51b66cb30_mJuly 25, 2009
Life is mostly about one thing – ‘Relationships’! Take that away and life is a vacuum of existence with little meaning. Life with a history of poor personal relationships is a life wasted. Years ago I developed a fairly accurate ‘analysis technique’ to measure where a person has been in personal relationships and, from that, their chances of success in a world of ‘broken relationships’. The results often are life saving, if one pays attention beyond the ‘ego’.

Every personal relationship has a ‘value’ that can be placed on it with numbers. If people were open enough, they would want to know if they are qualified to enter the ‘Univers(ity)’ of relationships beyond ‘high school’. The results would shock most with an open mind which, I’ve found to be generally extremely conditional and judgmental. However, improvement is always possible if one has the accurate scores of their past from childhood to accept and, find ways to improve on a ‘relationship score’. If circumstances make it an unlikely possibility to improve on what has been the past qualifications, there are techniques properly administered to move one beyond the past ‘quality of love’. It is ALL of the reason each of us is here! Success in the field of money is not on the list of reasons why we are here, at best, it may provide the means to take the time to find out why we are here and how to make the ‘best possibilities of it’.

Two way high conscious communication is an attainment which can move one into a run for value in life and for humanity. Humanity is doomed without a high sense of communication. All the great inventions and medicines are of very low value without a sense of deep self love and the ability to create those deep relationships with another and, many others. The secret to ‘heaven on earth’ or, some semblance of it, is here at everyone’s disposal but for taking the time and awareness to be open to see it.

My experience is that if a person hasn’t had major success with relationships by the age of 30, chances are likely that nothing will change without ‘self learning techniques’ to elevate beyond the past. All other endeavors in life are secondary to the ‘art of relationships’, and that includes all spiritual and religious pursuits, which generally are ‘avoidance and denial’ ways. Life is a blessing …..really! It just takes a move beyond being a ‘clunker’ and moving in the direction of evolving consciousness!

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