Love Criticism

135559132_964ffb5b30_mJuly 23, 2009
Love criticism and, accept it as an opportunity to learn something that will round you out to be a healthier all around person. To ‘posture oneself’ as one who shuns criticism is to make one more and more lonely while becoming more and more unacceptable for meaningful connections. Invite others in with an openness to be ‘open to criticism’ and, to learn how to skillfully handle it in a positive way.

To insist on sheltering oneself with only positive words is to be in heavy denial of issues that lurk within while fearing their being touched and creating uncomfortable feelings and memories. Putting a ‘fresh coat of paint’ on a rusting car will do little to improve it’s performance and length of life. Wisdom in a ‘vacuum’ is but a delusion from the truth.

Not uncommonly, a person in a position of power, will seek ‘yes people’ to gather around them to be made to feel more secure rather than have the courage to trust their own choices. Weak people, who choose to not be at source for their decisions and take personal responsibility for success or failure, are merely ‘politicians’ looking for ways to always satisfy their egos. False comfort is sought in the need for approval, regardless of truth or authenticity.

Growth happens in accepting criticism and, to see what values are therein. To live in a teflon world or glass house always fearing other’s opinions, particularly about ones being, is to miss the many hidden dimensions of seeing and knowing who one really is. To enter into the world of ‘inner growth’ and to not see all aspects of oneself from the worst to the best, is to live in a false world. Positivity is to see the negative and find the positive within it. Criticism may be ill founded but, one who has found security within himself by not avoiding criticism, good or bad, will naturally rise to the occasion with a heartfelt response and, if necessary, absorb the information with heartfeltedness.

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