3108672951_279681d67a_mJuly 24, 2009
Generally males who have little to do but pass time away often in ‘nefarious, mischeivous ways, might be referred to as ‘knuckleheads’. A stupid person; this word is used to express a low opinion of someone’s intelligence in a somewhat ‘lovable way’ with no harm intended. In the world of the more ‘spiritual/conscious’, this type of person is excavated mostly from ‘challenging, nice-to-forget’ memories of times gladly buried in, ‘just for the memories’.

A very nice acquaintance of mine, responding in a ‘bleeding heart’ way, recently admonished me for the use of one of my ‘favorite words’ by suggesting, in a bit of a huff, that it had an underlying point (which I would call ‘overlying’). She further stated (to quote and paraphrase her ‘take’) that it’s use in referring to people as, “knuckleheads”, “is a subtle form of ‘denigration and judgment’ of all who are only doing the best that they can in any given moment but who, for whatever reason, don’t measure up to our subjective

“Those doing only the best that they can includes you and me” (not my words but, more on that in a moment), “neither of whom has achieved perfection last time I looked” (not my words again … I look at everyone as perfect until they show up as not having that ‘self’ acceptance and, sometimes as ‘knuckleheads’ in denial of their, uh, ‘higher selves’). “Categorizing in this way sets oneself *above* other people and, in doing so, fosters separation rather than acknowledging all as unique facets of the ‘Beloved’ ”, (not my terms or prior analysis, but they are of course ‘loved’ in a respectful way of their ‘potential’ and an ‘intuitiveness’ that they still travel with issues unresolved from a less than desirable childhood) “each precious and unique whether awake or asleep”.

Now, few males (females, too?) don’t have that ‘mischievous’ or, purely stupid way of behaving. This is particularly characteristic with the younger possessing a ‘still developing frontal cortex’ (that’s a good reason for the older ‘knuckleheads’ to elect the younger ‘knuckleheads’ to fight our wars while raping and pillaging as they go). There always needs to be room in communication for the positive use of ‘negative terms’ from people who are otherwise caring, loving, especially of their ‘perfect selves’!


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