3407856652_73c11e304e_mJuly 25, 2009
My deepest apologies for any fragile egos! I get my kicks above the waistline…first! All moves on the chess board of life are first filtered through my open mind and heart, with no malice intended. At the turn of the 21st century while doing my ‘world’s first and largest free speech display in Los Angeles’, a voice came from I know not where but it asked me if I had the courage to also use the two most meaningful words in the English language ‘together’!

Immediately, I chuckled to myself as a voice came to me and said, “see, the ‘combo’ even evokes a form of joy in you”. No sooner had I marveled at the new name, then another voice (quite garbled I admit), came thru challenging my courage and sensibility! Since that moment, I have only primarily used it when Christians asked me my name at which time I warn them that they may not like it! On cue, they insist….after another warning and, my insistence for ‘discretion’, I announce ‘GodFuck’ and, explain why it’s such a ‘holy name’. Not sure I can describe the reactions but, to the more ‘conservative’, it’s a very puzzled look of ‘I don’t believe I had to listen to that’.

The more open minded people usually burst into a chuckle or laugh of approval. The name is a wonderful way to immediately learn all about a person and, with just my ‘holy’ name! Recently due to a rush of censoring by religious/spiritual cult groups on the internet, who deny their ‘cultishness’, I again heard that 21st century voice of freedom to use the name more to find out who’s awake and, who’s asleep.

As I’ve mentioned before, enlightenment was not as enjoyable as I thought it would be as nearly everyone would either ignore it or put up barriers to express the deep love and bliss I felt. Now, of course, I still feel even more love and bliss since I’ve dropped the ‘enlightenment trip’ which proved to be a real burden for the ‘ego’s of the masses. Everyone jumps up and claims they know love!

God! Fuck! Such craziness! One thing for sure, censorship in America and, the world is epidemic, not to mention the full expression of love!
*Stupid???(stream of consciousness)

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