Death of ‘White Man’

2252439765_02be03fd6a_mJuly 21, 2009
The control of money, written history, religion, wars, entertainment and, all ‘first achievements’ (landing on the moon, the birth control pill, computer, medical marvels, and, the invention of the ‘cup of noodles’) is a control slipping away from the white, often ‘arrogant’ male. Man in general has made a ‘technological mark’ to catapult him beyond the days of thousands of years of just ‘survival living from birth to death.

Inspite of the many incredible achievements of the white man, the means to a goal has often created more suffering than blessings for those innocently in harm’s way. Whether white, yellow, black or brown, man has one foot in his barbaric past throughout his penchant for accomplishment where power, control, and money accumulation are the order of the day frequently and, is motivated for the pleasure of sexual needs.

The rise of woman’s freedom and importance, particularly in the West, is diluting man’s reign and creating a much different and, hopefully in time, a more compassionate, healthy world. Sometimes it seems that this world has been a ‘prison planet’ where most are incarcerated into ways and means that have created needless suffering far exceeding the blessings and, bliss that harmony could surely bring.

It’s time to give birth to a new man and woman of consciousness, rather than rushing to have children way before the parents have reached a point of self love and worthiness to the betterment of all humans. If that same desire to have a family (often not planned) would be transferred to the inner growth of every human, the complaints of the world would begin to disappear. Jumping from the 1st grade to high school is a recipe for failure in growth, so it is in the journey of life. Children shouldn’t be a ‘russian roulette game’ especially when it comes to ‘readiness’ to give maximum love and opportunities for an evolving life. Parents create the voice of tomorrow and even when they live in a dereliction of love and wisdom from yesterday’s revolving door of endless generations that live in unconsciousness. The ‘greatest opportunity’ for a better human is waiting for the first time – NOW!

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