Heaven’s Trap Door

2433731019_f819a93c6d_mJuly 20, 2009
There’s ‘Heaven on Earth’ that plays a large part in the bliss that is available, as well as, a preparation for anything in the next dimension. Look the ‘gift horse’ in the mouth here and, expect to see the ‘ole same ole’ and, worse later! The methods to raise consciousness and find the best enjoyment in this earthly vacation are free for those who take the time to find them. Walking through life just in the ‘survival mode’ when not necessary is, an epidemic predilection.

Having a ‘spiritual center/community in Los Angles for 15 years, an unexpected ‘benefit’ was to learn ‘things’ about people that I had only read about, I certainly got more than I bargained for! With more than 3,000 who lived there over that time, many were a blessing, some where just there, and then there were the ungrateful ones, many of whom I was helping by having them stay for little or nothing ‘til they could get back on their feet. They were teachers of ‘the trap door’ in that many, no matter how much you make their lives better, are going to bring their unrepentant habits and ways with them even if you gave them ‘everything’. Many would be kicked out of a heaven the first day, others who were apathetic would last a little longer. I remember one charming little guy who had graduated from Harvard, but immediately made himself at home and got drunk. Only those with a passion for living, loving, giving, and with common sense appreciation would survive the ‘trap door’!

Particularly in America, there is a sense of ‘heaven sent opportunities’ here however, most opt out for the material, self serving ways while ignoring the ‘trap door’ for those serving primarily their ego gratification. It’s all very karmic and, life being moment to moment, very foolish! A false sense of who one is, is very often the illusion that follows most like a shadow waiting for the ‘bell to toll’.

Earth has a built-in trap door that ejects everyone into ‘somewhere beyond the rainbow’ and, that surely is a place that everyone who is rich goes. Before being thankful, that means ‘only rich in love and it’s manifestations with the self and hopefully, others’. Conditional love is ‘trap door love’ and, contrary to one’s ego, not enough to avoid the perils that await one here in this life and, beyond. Grab all the love while it’s in season, otherwise called a ‘lifetime’.

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