Shape Shifters Near You!

3491338880_57f44b7207_mJuly 17, 2009
Trust your friends, neighbors, co-workers, mate, to always be sensitive, loving, open, intelligent? Think again! “Out to Lunch”, is shape shifting ‘a la carte’ and, ‘fast food’, sooner than you could predict! Whether it’s the ‘Genetically Modified Food’ or the chemicals in non-organic food or, the obsession with ‘entertainment’ and stocking the house with new toys, people that you know or, don’t know yet, are quite different than you who are focused on conscious, spiritual, open, positive living!

Nice people are basically ‘robotic drones’ capable of having rare moments of being real, live, loving human beings but, don’t count on that for more than a few minutes a day! People are a favorite ‘constant study of mine’ to look for that elusive ‘gold nugget of consciousness’ that shines with it’s own provocation. Setting ‘the bar of expectation’ real low makes the experience easier. Years ago when I began focusing with ‘lazar like focus’ on being more positive, much to my slow awakening to it, most everyone else was still living in their ‘ho-hum whatever’ world. There were almost no others who were on the same plane to relate to without shifting down the ‘bar of communication’ to their
apathetic, comfort level.

People become like ‘aliens’ when one evolves into the opening of consciousness and, sees that people are actually following ancient paths trodden by dead people to little or no success of any sense of enlightenment. Stay light and on the surface and, almost everyone seems nice! Reach to the slightest depths of consciousness and people, with rare exception, shift into various forms of fear expressing that fear as everything from apathy to anger. These ‘aliens’ have their heads filled with deep chasms of programming for survival and, trod the same old ruts they’ve deepened for most of their lives. They walk over their future ‘grave yards’ as ghouls in a trance. They are essentially invisible when it comes to opening up to life, finding out who they are and, why they are here as well as how to find that that purpose is within them!

When near everyone seems to become like ‘just being in a body’, then one has arrived at a consciousness that is real, alive, compassionate and loving in all forms that are available to become a living human ‘being human’! (stream of consciousness)

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