Collapse of Christianity

2393017144_ba788594c4_mJuly 18, 2009
America has been largely a ‘Judeo-Christian’ country but, times are changing. Slowly it will become a triad religious ‘Judo-Christian-Islamic’ country. Christianity’s foundation is being corroded not only by ‘apathetic Christians’, who have become like ‘zombies’ yawning at the perceived obligation of following the ‘right path’ but, religious scientists are shining a light on the fallacies uncovered in the purported story of Jesus.

Jews have stayed away from the claims of a Jesus even existing contrary to Christian-Islamic belief. The ‘Islamic’ ideology has downgraded Jesus into ‘one of the prophets.
Religious scientists have been unable to uncover any ‘credible evidence’ on biblical claims of anyone resembling a Jesus but instead have found the purported claim to be one of many cultures down the ages with similar stories like the ‘virgin birth’ and ascension into a heaven.

My own thoughts are that we all have the ability without any scriptures, from observation and experience, to continue to ‘rise’ in the light from an unawakened state to discover a higher consciousness involving the clarity of mind and heart merging into a ‘godly’ intelligence. This state of enlightenment is the ‘new humanity’ that, although small at this point, will continue to evolve as new knowledge is revealed and, faith in the religions of the world is eroded as merely bastions of ancient practices continually perpetrated by ‘do gooders’ that find it to be a basis of survival. As the religious leaders slowly become educated by the scientific proof, contrary to their beliefs, the religions will become more and more distilled down, merging into the conscious-spiritualness of an awakening mankind.

‘Pandora’s box’ on the truths of religions formations is open to those paying attention and ‘hot for the truth’ of life here and now. Although there are no ‘gold paved streets or, to the Muslims, 72 virgins in an illusory heaven’, infinite revelations of more luminous dimensions will unveil themselves to those that uncloud the being that has become the prisoner of a ‘mishmash’ of truths and lies that have been passed down from generations to generation. ‘Truth shall set one free’ is free for all who let go of others words and, find the answer within.

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