Soul Mate

3119441886_16af8b1791_mJuly 15, 2009
Love the one you’re with – that’s your soul mate!! We select who we are with, based on being on the same ‘wavelength’ when meeting. For good or bad, it’s the best that could be done! Celebrate who you are or, at least, who you’ve uncovered at this point. Life is ‘payback’ and we get where we are, but for our lack of understanding and acceptance. It’s make it or, break it.

Soul Mates are frequently ‘April Fools jokes’ or a ‘lean time under the Christmas tree’ but, that’s each one’s creation. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread! Meeting a ‘love mate’ is a rush that often clouds the brain to see it’s not what one is capable of handling. I look at couples, and quietly laugh to myself that they stay together because they agreed to and/or, the pain of separation is too great to imagine with the mutual responsibilities that have merged with together. Partnering or marriage becomes like luging a line of shopping carts every day after year after year!

‘Hope for a better tomorrow’, often is based on illusion to keep the boat afloat inspite of the incessant leaks that manifest into ‘yelling’ to blame the other for not keeping the sailing smooth. Plugging the leaks by having a good day here and there or, shopping for a ‘happy toy’ to avoid the reality that will show up soon, is applying ’water paint’ to the fence on a nice day before the rains tomorrow.

Consider the best solution is to lovingly and responsibly convert the relationship into a friendship that will be much better than the ups and downs that wear love out. Many are not ready for growing meaningful relationships and, had best stay ‘footloose and fancy free’. Staying loose is a sensible opportunity to get to know the self and, how to ‘let go’ of what creates the leaks in the ‘soul-mate love boat’. Soul Mates are real when two people find their ‘love of self’ first. Repair and renew the solitary boat and, set sail on a new vibrational wave. (stream of consciousness)

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