Dumbed Down Marriage

118895588_3d75daa5b4_mJuly 16, 2009
Except for the rare exception, marriage partners lose conscious intelligence after the first couple of years. My observation, particularly of those I’ve been close to, is that couples tend to slip into a kind of ‘coma’ with awareness being transferred to work, survival, economic accumulation of the material, entertainment, and general dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Time becomes the enemy as more and more unnecessary responsibilities become accumulated to satisfy the replacement of inner growth. Life moves to the ‘outside’ and, exists as window dressing. The only way that they can be saved is to ‘reinvent’ their priorities and focus on their inner blossoming and, that of each other in a more meaningful merger, perhaps leading to a real marriage beyond a ‘practical marriage’.

Governments and religions count on the ‘dumbing down’ of people to fall into a ‘malaise’ that gives their power over to them in exchange for ‘business’ that removes them from real self thinking. Today is the information age which largely corrects much of the misinformation we were accustomed to accept without questioning but, it takes awareness and time to ‘reprogram’ or, reboot with new information as well as support for methods to evolve into ‘being humans consciously’! It’s easy driving 70 miles per hour to miss the beauty of the infinite small things in life – missing the trees and just seeing the forest!

Christians use the term ‘saved’, as to mean a union with a God, that no one understands. To be ‘saved’ starts from within by finding the infinite source of ‘gold’ called love! Always be pulling back the curtains of consciousness/awareness to see what wonders of bliss lie hidden in plain sight for those that value life’s real riches! Marriage is always to yourself first!

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