Fear or Love Me

3617856406_cd7cf841bf_mJuly 14, 2009
You choose by behavior, unless you have unusual ‘allergies’ that keep you at a distance! Actions rarely lie, just the mind that plays the devil that fears where no fear is necessary. People sometimes are like shooting stars by starting out as if something to suddenly enjoy with awe and, in what seems like a moment, disappears into nothingness to never appear again as if dead.

Fear is the antidote to love or, is it better to experience love as the antidote to fear! Fear too often trumps love unnecessarily…because of FEAR! What a questionable friend to have when another choice would do the trick much better before you expire later in the day!
It’s all the same day with just the illusion here on earth of minutes, months, and years.
It’s always the season to use one’s reason to reach down into the heart for love’s hiding place from the ‘judgmental mind’.

Family, friends, ex loves of the heart, all are best viewed by stepping up to love and not disappearing before their death. ‘Giving and receiving’ from the heart are what makes life richer and more harmonious. Walking in the shadows of fear is to darken the love that so wants to shine within. Fear of those once loved is a slow drowning into the lonely mind. Escape from friendliness makes no more sense than a ‘shooting star’ in the light of day.

Substance abuse and love abuse both express themselves harmfully. Immediately, check out and, check into a love rehabilitation program! Meditation masturbation relieves fears and hatreds and, with the right techniques, opens and clears the heart anew! Try anything to escape the ‘shadows of fear’ and, leave all hatreds, misinterpretations, hurts, sorrows and, all blocks of the heart. Use ‘common sense’ with the help of the open heart to enable them to disappear allowing love to renew itself. Be free of fear and embrace it’s replacement, called love.

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