Jew Self Hatred

3277783225_2f090bd942_mJuly 10, 2009
Internal issues, unresolved, will dampen all deep expressions of love – forever, unless one ‘forgives’! Self loathing projected out on to others is merely a ‘psychological boomerang’ that keeps coming around endlessly. Self hatred happens among all types of people in the world but, certain Jews seem to want to possess all of the non quality. With self hatred comes fears and angers that contribute to dissension both in the family and out into society. There is no end and, the beginning has been lost in time.

It’s time for the positive Jews to face the wrath of their negative ‘self hating’ ones who have chosen themselves to suffer endlessly on and on while accusing the slightest innocent reference to Jews as ‘jew hatred’ or ‘anti-semitism’ (which is stupid, because most Jews have lost all traceable roots to the Arab Semitism). It’s time for the positive Jews to go to Madison Avenue in New York City where the advertising and self image guru’s hang out and invest in having them straighten this out!

‘Self Loathers’ tends to get attached to their negativity like the noses on their face with little or no compromise, self forgiving, and just plain ‘letting go’! The only thing worse than self hatred and it’s manifestations are the denials that it takes place. All over the globe people are stuck between their ears with negativity that squeezes out to the public, mate, kids, and into their heart, poisoning wherever it lands.

The ‘cure’ and techniques are available like never before in history even for those with hands over their ears. The techniques are all around ‘letting go’ of the past, future and seeing who you are NOW! Meditation techniques that may began with primal screaming works. Catharting may be necessary ‘to til the grounds of unconsciousness’ so that quieter meditations of awareness of the breath can bring in the love and it’s infinite qualities that follow naturally, including ‘forgiveness’. Love of self will slowly emerge from the invisible divine as sure as daytime follows the night. Jew ‘self hatred’, as all self hatred anywhere, is self induced flagellation and can be let go of as love enters! Be playful and, be conscious of more laughter from the heart. (Stream of Consciousness)

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