Catholics – ‘The Chosen’

1817959992_68fe732204_mJuly 11, 2009
The ‘Pope’ is the #1 visible person in the world regardless of who’s occupying the Vatican! The Vatican stands through world wars as petulance, disease, and tragedy befalls the multitude. God’s ‘women servants of the blessed’, are protected from the lust of the man on the street (not from the priests, though, who aren’t ‘doing each other’).

Meeting millions over the years while doing my ‘world’s largest free speech display’ in LA, where I wrote on all major religions, sometimes with a little criticism, the ‘Catholics’ were always the group most friendly and, even amused! The Muslims, Jews and Mormons seemed to have the most followers who ‘screamed’ with anger and disgust (although the nicest ones were liberal jews). Thank you God for your Commandments of decency and the Los Angeles Police Force to protect my 1st Amendment Rights or, I surely wouldn’t have survived like the mythical ‘what’s His name did or….did he?

Thank God for the Pope and His minions for spreading the ‘word’ and, propagating little Catholics with the sense to encourage the recognition of the ‘evil’ of all forms of birth control! The Chosen must create themselves, spreading across the world to give the ‘word of salvation’ to mankind. Unfortunately, when they started all this ‘hope and illusion’ stuff to control the masses (and, they do, sadly, need control), man lived a short life on the average to around 40+ years. Time was over before he could figure out what the hell was going on but, Heaven was waiting with ‘gold in the streets’! Islam improved on that and added 72 virgins for the men – what the women get is unclear?

Thank you God, you’ve done a marvelous job creating all these ‘chosen people’ to fill a planet of ‘Holy Idiots’! Word is you left centuries ago to spread your seeds of love to other solar systems and universes! What happens on Earth stays on Earth but the show needs a little help – maybe you ought to check in to see how things are going and remind people that they can find religiousness on their own instead of with these ‘Chosen People to Control’, clubs! Oh, and man is now living to 80, 90, and even 100, but still seems too stupid to figure out that ‘salvation’ is within him! We could use a ‘gardner of love’ like, ‘right now’! (Spiritual Rant)

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