Blissful Divorce

351127786_058254fb16_mJuly 12, 2009
Divorce should not happen before there is ‘closure’ and, a loving friendship consummated! Intents to part ways need to come to a mutual understanding of responsibility to common sense and, prior proclaimed love. Issues should be communicated and an agreement amicably reached to acknowledge them. People are rarely ‘ready for divorce’, and certainly not ready for harmonious decisions! Divorce, like marriage or, love partnering of two people, should be a blissful and joyous happening that is the doorway to a freedom to both, with love always continuing.

As partners, marriages are entered in bliss. Challenges to the sanctity of marriages and partnering do commonly occur and, best be dealt with in the choice of the most positive way available. Marriage is a commitment to love, communication, trust, etc. Any shortcomings are lessons to be learned from and, opportunities to rise above the misunderstanding.

Humans are serial lovers even though love is ‘one energy’ for all. Love requires checking out of the mind sometimes and into the heart to expose more love. Love is strong yet delicate when ignored. Communication feeds love when positive and, enabling it’s deeper bond. Love doesn’t come easily when the mind becomes the dominate force in everyday life. The one who pulls the rug and bolts, has the ‘baton’ to create a better finish.

Things go awry and love becomes lost resulting in a disconnection that often leads to a parting of the ways, often, forever. Love becomes a tool for destruction of itself- makes no sense! The damage done by partnerships that are not turned into an amicable friendship will be felt forever by those not in full love of themselves. Love may need ‘respect’ for it’s meaning and divineness not, divisiveness. Certainly the mind can reach the heart of compassion while it assumes common sense. A little positivity and openness creates a love that transcends into a friendship like no other! (stream of consciousness)

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