Rush to Judgments

2203348118_f30f4ae518_mJuly 8, 2009

Looking at the dark side of the moon is going to give a very incomplete analysis of the moon or, seeing the earth as flat because it appears to go straight out, are ways to ‘not see what really is’. Seeing something on the run, especially when it involves an analysis of someone through a ‘peep hole’, serves nothing but to create possible dissonance in the judger and those judged.

Having done the art of major displays of free speech in Los Angeles and currently in this tourist beach town in Washington State, I found it necessary to put out a ‘hook’ headline to capture the interest of more people. The humorous part has been to experience passing ‘headline readers’ to quickly react and judge the content even though always positive and, immeasurably more descriptive of the topic. It’s definitely enhanced by humor and ability to quietly laugh at the superficiality of most people who judge a book by its cover with no thought to its content.

One of the more humorous ‘rushes to judgment’ comes from those who have unknowingly become clones of their belief systems be they Mormons, Christians, Republicans, Democrats, Jews, Muslims or, ‘protestors of the government’. Of course, they do see one side of the moon but are blind to the other side and, especially the whole picture including, the best way to address it. Stepping back, clearing the view through the trees to see the forest and yet, inside where the trees are and, not forgetting the whole perspective from ‘out there’ is a start at ‘higher intelligence’. Seeing one perspective and not admitting to ignoring the other perspective is to reach 1/2 the value while leaving others paying attention with mixed feelings. Often seeing just one side becomes an injustice to the object of focus and, a judgment.

Rushing to judgment that ends up being a distortion and probably never identified as such, is a crime to truth, in essence ‘a mistake’. Mistakes have sent people to their death either in the courts of law or in life’s journey when a change in personal involvement is met with a ‘frame up’ that bears little resemblance to the truth of the inner and/or outer analysis. Harmony and seeing or interpreting correctly another’s inner thoughts as they see them, has much merit for a more positive life. (stream of consciousness)

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