Look in Your Eye

1941277434_0e1d243543_mJuly 8, 2009
See who you really are. Who better to start living and loving with them than you?! Those eyes will follow you from cradle to death and, beyond. Keep them open and clear for the road ahead needs clear vision. Keep the eyes open to see ‘past the judgments of others and, never forget yourself. Look deep, forgive when needed to clear the eyes to better see all that comes by on the road of life.

See, nurture and, keep the eyes as windows of your soul. Always focus the eyes on the gifts that nature presents in its iridescent displays. Use the breath as the gift that keeps you alive as the means to keep the eyes free of all substitutes for the highs that the deep breath instead, so provides. It is the breath that gives the eyes the sensitivity and smiles that hug the eyes and the trust that they exude. The eyes that see, create the memories that the mind can choose to nurture or remember with the wisdom and compassion of the heart.

Let the mind translate what the eye sees in ways most favorable to the health of the body, mind, heart, and soul. Use the invisible third eye at the furrow between the eyes to see what can’t be seen with open eyes. Call it intuition, extra sensory perception, psychic vision or, just a godly divine ability to discern what the visible eye may not see. The eyes will open ‘all ones eyes’ within the body to enable a deeper sensitivity to the many stimuli.

Let the heart open fully to fill the eyes with love and compassion. Let go of what blocks the vision of each of the eyes to better see the wonders of life. The eyes of the heart feel each of the emotions to receive and give the many facets on love’s gifts. Be it sadness, anger, joy, or bliss, always be the the watcher with the eye from within. Each of us is at full control with the ‘unseen eye’ of all life’s gifts to view the miracles of life that surround us each on of us to see!

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