Why Dump Religion?

194972051_e4d245ddd6_mJuly 7, 2009
Religion may be a branch for the ‘hurting’ who don’t know where else to go to cling to. However, most are ‘complacent window shoppers’, never going the distance to get inside themselves and accept the truths that are just seeds needing tending but for a decision to do so. Religion in America is finally slowly showing it’s cracks as the people wake up to the fact that there is a natural way without all the biblical rhetoric.

Over 10% of the people have embraced other paths to a more enlightening life style, at least beyond ‘materialism’. Deep love and, meditation with it’s popular expression in Yoga, have quietly emerged as authentic paths. More attraction seems to be with Yoga as it provides the physical needed challenges and, seems to be a good way to meet others. Yoga, although, has become a business without a doubt, not that it doesn’t have better value than sitting in a ‘pew’ once a week!

Each of us is alone with a chattering mind of other people’s ‘jibber-jabber’, much from ancient man who is regarded erroneously as having ‘holy voices of a mysterious god’ that they allegedly worshipped. New research, though, has uncovered that an unknown amount of scriptures have been altered to attract the masses that don’t question but accept language of centuries ago as having a value that new expressions of thoughts don’t have. For those that don’t want to question and think, it’s ready made even with the dust of ages. There will always be antique collectors of old thoughts that in reality have lost all authenticity.

Fresh vegetables from the garden have a value over those stuck in the freezer for ages but, the frozen nourishments are adequate if nothing else is available. Religion, at best, is like frozen vegetables and, not the ‘organic type’ either but, the kind with a lot of filters called pesticides. ‘Dumpster diving’ for answers to enrich a more blissful life in the now and hereafter is not necessary for all those able to see the riches within that can be accessed. Time to break up the pews for firewood and replace them with mats or cushions for silent meditations!

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