Obama Knows 9-11

488244198_00aa5fd904_mJuly 5, 2009
Duh!!! Obama’s doesn’t believe in 72 virgins in the ‘after life’ and has no interest in being a ‘martyr’ – you can count on that guess! He’s not about to ‘snitch’ and, neither would you in his position inspite of your ‘dreamin’ you would! Give us a ‘truth break’!
The ‘lines of communication’ must be open or the consequences of ‘mouth flappin’ the truth’ will have dire consequences. Of course Obama knows the questions on 9-11! With that in mind, it’s up to the people to keep speaking demanding truth.

Truth is next to godliness but ‘discernment’ is the highest form of intelligence. In other words there is a time, a place and, a who to. Imagine the President standing up and saying that JFK’s shooting was a real conspiracy or, that new facts have all but proved the myth of Jesus? Insane! Truth should always be followed but, to ‘weigh the situation’ for implications is what common sense is about.

Truth must have an ability to be handled, it’s why we speak to children in a language they can understand. One doesn’t milk a cow and then go to the grocery store to buy 2% fat free milk, which is part milk, part water and chemicals. In other words, common sense and discernment. Always take the ‘high road’ of choices.

9-11 was a very evil happening motivated by power and money with hatred mixed in for purposes of world control. What better place but the world’s World Trade Center in the middle of the most powerful street in the world, Wall St., and on 9-11! The facts that get brushed aside by the people in the government are genuinely disturbing to most of them but ‘what to do’? One lone voice of truth is a former 8 term Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, consistently does her best to keep the fires of truth burning. It needs to be remembered that she’s ‘black’ and a ‘woman’, two very good reason to leave her well enough alone and call her ‘just a kook’.

Now who was the most liberal male in Washington DC and black too? Barack Obama! Do the math! He know everything ‘she knows’! She can get away with yelling the truth, Obama has agreed to be a puppet to money-power interests and, telling the truth in his case is ‘goodbye’! There is no comfort in the truth but, it’s a challenge to use the ‘skillful means’ to find and tell the truth..

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