Righteous Enlitened

2455319521_6845eff7ce_mJuly 3, 2009
The ego is ‘rockin’ and rollin’ with the one’s who call themselves ‘enlightened’, with rare exception. Have met many who proclaimed enlightenment yet, rarely are they not ‘self deceived’ usually because they have a demonstrable intellect sometimes manifesting as some semblance of ‘total recall’ (which computers do today), not realizing it has NOTHING to do with enlightenment but, fuels the illusion of such. Around me, they step lightly, fearing I might blow their ‘cover’ but, I don’t like losing friends so I usually keep it to myself unless, they are ‘fly though friends’.

Exposing one’s delusion of illusion might win over the moment of truth but, truth shatters egos and creates a ‘defensiveness’ that elicits an ‘emotional violence’ masked usually by some form of denial. In some cases I’ve known, the enlightened one has managed to build a ‘wall around themselves’ as a shield from what they can’t bear to hear. Perhaps they have a tape playing in their head to keep them righteously convinced of the illusion? Truth is not always received well.

Having somewhat studied many of those in the limelight who are viewed as the ‘pinnacles of evolution of consciousness, I rather doubt that any of them were ‘this enlightened’ but certainly enlightening and, exhibiting hopefulness for the evolvement of others. Some of the ‘so called enlightened’, like Jesus, have been established as mythical. It seems to be that it is epidemic for people to want to spread ‘fairy dust’ around either themselves or those whom they worship. Becoming identified with either creates a barrier to the unveiling of real truths.

Life is full of mysteries and laughs when one steps back to see. It’s so important that we are able to laugh at what we see within and detach from too much seriousness on the outside. Being free to be alone in bliss whether by oneself or with the added bliss of being with another, is godliness. Friendliness is indeed very much friends with godliness or the divine like enjoyment of life.

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