Male Rating of Women

Male Rating of WomenJuly 1, 2009
Women have endured endless abuse and suppression, not by other women or, their children (?) but, by ‘men’! Strange, given that most men favor their childhood connection with the mother. Not infrequently, mothers are more valued by men than their partners. Perhaps the ‘woman partner’ was not given sufficient love by her father (or, mother).

Men differ widely, of course, in their opinion of women. In all cultures, there are differing collective treatments of women. The worst treatment of women occurs when they are used for raising children, as ‘sexual objects, and, ‘babysitters’ of the home and properties. Men kill and fight wars to advance their opportunities to be with women. Often these same men see their female counterparts as objects to use and, in the woman’s mind, to abuse. Love is a word used in moments of ‘self satisfying excitement, moments of sadness, and as meaningless verbal assurances.

Men are frequently desperate as are women and, in that desperation (of course not recognized as such), in the beginning, each views the other and the possibilities through ‘rose colored glasses’. Both overlook where each came from and what affect it has on the side of each that may not be seen initially. Each often loses contact with their rational, common sense mind to overlook what unresolved issues and traumas each will bring to the coupling.

Love degenerates into excuses to not take responsibility for the likely ‘issues’ that they bring to haunt the relationship as well as the consequent behaviors that consume and, vampire all love that once brought them together. People all can rise to great heights of being to who they really are in consciousness however, unresolved issues will send them crashing to a state that never would be sufficient when compared to the love remembered.

Without resolvement of early issues when necessary, no man will value a woman to the degree that is necessary for love to always experience the beauty needed to reach the pinnacles of harmony and love. Love only grows and, certainly, in all cases, is no less than communication and friendliness.

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