Pot’s a Crutch

1315955654_174af76650_mJune 30, 2009
Denial? What Denial?
Unconfirmed, reliable sources indicate that God’s in ‘rehab’ somewhere in one of the other galaxies and, that accounts for the chaos in the world. Those ‘sweet reproductions of God’ henceforth referred to as ‘humanoids’, seem to need everything under the sun to avoid knowing themselves ‘straight on’. Alcohol abuse, marijuana, cocaine, heroine, methaphetamines (meth), ‘big pharma’ drugs, religion, shopaholics, love losers – the list goes on and on!

Given a choice between living with an alcohol abuser and a pot user, I’ll take the pot abuser! Pot abuser? A moderate alcohol user vs a frequent ‘pot’ user, is certainly to favor the alcohol user. Pot use IS in all likelihood, ‘abuse’ and a ‘crutch’ to unconsciously avoid living and dealing with this one shot at life in the hear and now! Emotional pain may put one on crutches for a while by accepting the challenge of working through it and turning it into the creation of something positive is a greater builder of character than seeking ‘life’s crutches.

Gift Certificates to find that invisible love within oneself are free to those who are off ‘drug use’ during sleep regardless of the lingering effects accompanying them to bed. Drug users are not necessarily ‘nincompoops’ but just humanoids afraid of examining themselves and their lives while ‘doing a love workout’ to slim down all drug use and, the total elimination. Humanoids are humans void of ‘enough’ consciousness and self love.

The greatest movie needs great acting, directing, producing and so forth. Each life is a live movie where one is the producer, director, actor and all the aids that make it the ‘greatest movie’ of all time – ‘The story of YOU’.

Many times I’ve had people ask what ‘drug I’m on’? Truth is, all drugs are not and, haven’t been part of my movie, instead relying on the ‘air I breath’ and, positive imagination always ready for the best choice that serves that ‘loving feeling’! ‘Love not’, smoke pot!
Ever notice that the world is going to pot and drugs or, how about seeing all the healthy things going on that seem to be invisible instead – maybe it’s because one’s ‘drugged out’? Breathe air deeply, it works better!

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