Ways to Avoid Love

June 28,2009
Under rate or over rate yourself
Smoke Pot, get drunk, do drugs including ‘meds’
Live in a Van RV or tent
Eat lots of garlic
Be a ‘cheater’ or lier
Hang out at graveyards
Work, work, work (60 hours/week or more)
Make gambling a large part of life
Fear of closeness

Unresolved issues from childhood
Self hatred
Frequent women’s or men’s groups
Be a UFO fanatic
Have too many dogs or cats
Lack of self love

Small ego
Large ego that’s defensive & a cover up
Belief in any religion
Physical grooming obsessions
Avoid deep communication
Negative thinker
Fear of emotions

Thrill seeker
Yoga fanatic
Keeper of secrets from partner
Lover of violent TV shows and movies
Credit card abuser
Inability to Let Go

Ahhh! There are so many ways to get attached to ‘avoiding’ or, be in denial of. Having the attitude at 18 or 85 that there is no one to share love with just might mean you haven’t really been completely satisfied prior, by ‘avoiding’ deep, harmonious love. Love only takes work when one is ‘hanging on’ to ‘love avoiders’! Let Go – love yourself and find love in life too! It’s FREE!!!

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