Snake Oil Salesmen

June 27, 2009
‘Way back when’ a raconteur from ‘somewhere’ would ride into town pulling his horse drawn cart stopping for a day or two to tell stories about how he had the magic potion for curing all ills. After a short visit, the ‘snake oil salesman’ would escape to the next town and avoid the complaints that ‘nothing happened’.

Today the cart has been replaced by ‘Big Pharma’ and it’s pharmaceutical salesmen in a tie and suit as well as ‘illegal drug salesmen’ from the top moneymakers who make millions to the guy or thug on the street. The motivation is MONEY and what it will bring from power to sex. ‘Big Pharma’ is assisted by doctors who likely are at the mercy of the Pharma salesman and, uh, denial of that and their ignorance of what they prescribe. It’s a license to help people while rolling in the money but, how many unknown victims, unlike Michael Jackson are there? Drug Terrorists?!

As the world enters into 7 billion people and growing, there is money to be made and for the ‘big pharma’ salesman, quotas to keep their job. Pushers?! How many drugs are mixed into what amounts to ‘drug cocktail’s’ that spin out of control in the body. ‘Enablers of bodily toxicity’ are rampant in this new computer world. Accountability is lost into the wind of temporary ecstasy. ‘Everybody’s doin’ it is a common ‘take no responsibility’ answer.

The other day, I was conversing with a 15 year old and his mother when the subject of drugs came up. They are from a nearby upscale town that on the surface seems like an ideal place to live. With his mother looking on, he claimed that many in his high school, apart from him, were on drugs from pot to heroin, meth, crack, cigarettes and, who knows what else. Conforming with the crowd seems to be a motivator where ‘innocence’ soon turns to dependency and, experimenting with drugs that appear more effective for a longer lasting high.

I’ve been on drugs for years!!! Air is a drug replacement. Knowing how breathing can lead one to another type of ‘high’ to a clear mind and open heart where love and wisdom can enter, enabling inner growth far beyond what all drugs, legal or not, can even hope to reach the shadow of. Love and meditation are exhilarating, natural and non addictive except for the appreciation of. My drugs are love and meditation – they work and, provide creativity and, a joy of life as well as insight into all of it’s challenges.

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