3661162090_1530a84cb9_mJune 26, 2009
The choice is yours! Make connections into a friendship with an unconditional response of always caring through thick and thin or, let it be an acquaintance but, not a friend that becomes a ‘friendshit’ which ends up being like two ships passing in the night who forever give little credence to what was. We all will have ‘forever’ soon to ignore each other except, perhaps those who’ve become love in our hearts.

It should be a rule in life to, if need be, to shake the tree of friendship when sometimes the apples or, the ‘other’ is hard to reach. Other than finding one’s best friend within, there is nothing greater than those friendships which can become our finest hour year after year inspite of the changes some may go through. Friendships are subject to challenges like people have within themselves and need each to step and stand up in defense of one of life’s greatest gifts.

One of the remarkable beauties of ‘friendships’ is that each is very independent and, unlike pets who have little choice but to be dependent on their owners as well as being very unconditional, they do evoke a necessary ‘dependence’ for their continued flowering of life. That ‘dependence’ requires the loving attention and receptivity to all who were cared for and loved, not to mention the unknown stranger who will be known tomorrow.

Love has no prejudice for anyone who has no discernible motive other than to be receptive to ‘loves energy’. Friendliness is a quality that stirs hearts and receives a resonance from others that creates a ‘circle of warmth’. Friendliness is a method to lighten the load of communication and nurtures everyones hearts be it with a ‘hello’, a smile, or a little light conversation. Be ‘friendly and seek those who are friendly’. Be friendly to oneself with all thoughts and memories no matter what they were. Traumatic memories are softened through sending out love that may be no where to be seen but, overflows from loving the self. Friendliness is magic and even a medical-health wonder.

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