Fork-in-the Road

2343411949_9ff9860c44_mJune 23, 2009
All love comes to a ‘fork-in-the-road’ – take it! Just standing in front of the ‘fork-in-the road’ while the other moves on is perhaps testament to love that was conditional all along. Relationships, be they family, friends, or loves, are always experiences for the memory. Sometimes these relationships end up being unreliable by one or both. It’s always a choice to be the more conscious and loving one. Some end up being the ‘love and dump’ type. Always, it’s an opportunity to love oneself deeper and love that which was the ‘spark of love’ in all ‘disappearing relationships’ – it feeds the self love.

Synchronicity of purpose in all relationships, ensures harmonious meetings when forks in the road present themselves. Synchronicity in communication breeds deeper love and harmony for the walk through life’s challenges. The experience of being in deep attunement and trust with another creates a foundation from which to protect as well as encourage more of life’s connections with the same aura of meaningfulness.

It’s nice to always know which way to go and, find that choice to be in communion with another for experiences that support life’s godliness. Paying close attention to all connections is paving the way to experiences that produce the best results. Life is a series of ‘forks in the road’ that require choices of discernment for most thoughtful consequences and, karma.

Separation and divorce are ‘forks in the road’ but also, an opportunity to learn empathy, compassion and, the depths of love. No one should separate or divorce without paving the way for more loving connections with each other. All disconnections and divorces have the potential of being a beautiful thing and a harbinger of similar and yet, very different positive experiences to come. Life is an ‘interdependent’ journey that can be a blessing for those who have clustered together, from friends to loves, in formulating a support group of love and continued friendship.

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