Breath of Love

382654764_9274c28a6e_mJune 24, 2009
Breath is a key to filling oneself with love. Breathing in and out, visualizing each breath as love coming in and, outpouring love, transforming one’s being into a softer, more compassionate person.

This morning, while doing my morning meditation walk at the break of dawn, the fragrance of early summer air from the myriad of plants, flowers, and trees was overwhelmingly fragrant, verging on orgasmic. The early morning air is the freshest natural oxygen to imbibe for a blissful intoxication and clearing of the mind. As I think of the millions who find their need to be high in these times on various hallucinatory ‘crutches’, it’s quite amazing to see that it’s all so unnecessary when breath becomes love.

Breathe in existence and breathe out the love to existence. Love is in the air and in each conscious breath it becomes the air and, the very breath. Have a ‘love affair’ with existence! Magic comes pouring in with each breath while merging with existence. Drink the elixir of life with each breath and give out that magic of love to existence. Life gives while you give to life. Rich or poor, this or that, all are blessed to use natures gifts to enhance ones every day.

Soon the quality of life will begin to change as the unnecessary negatives will disperse into the air while the enhancing positives of life will fill the spirit with wonderment’s. Love is accumulative and, is born anew each and every moment into an unparalleled freshness. The mind is a collector of good and bad with a tendency to cling to the unwanted, hurtful. The unfreshened, stale mind will pollute the heart to the extent of controlling and restricting it. Avoid having the mind be possessive of the heart, let the heart have full access to the mind.

The ‘breath of life’ is the secret to freeing the heart and mind into it’s natural blissfulness. Breathe deeper with awareness – it’s a love/life saver! Love is always new!

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