Love Omission

g6-1June 21, 2009
One of the greatest ways to lie is by ‘omission’! ‘No tell – no hell’ is a cop out to hide behind the truth. There are infinite ways to tell someone you love them without having to say it, but some choose ‘eternal silence’ as a method of conveying what seems as a ‘who cares’ approach. My feelings are you either love or, you hate. All in between ‘love and hate’ is just a pandering to the mental comfort that one is in the right.

‘Love Omission’ particularly applies to family, friends, and ‘loves’ who have either flown the coop or just ‘take up space’ in a ‘we’ space that has little or no love resonance. Love of another is a two way street that needs resonance like a drum needs drum sticks. Someone needs to be there. One of life’s great befuddlement’s, is people who have and still do mean something to one’s heart and yet, choose to ‘omit’ all forms of communication. It’s best that one play that game by always sending loving vibrations and, appropriately, a little ‘knock-knock’ on one of their windows be it phone, email, card, ‘hello message from someone who does connect’ or, whatever.

No one wants to think that they hate someone that was loved by them, family or friend, even an ‘ex’, but bottom line, it’s a form of hatred even if by ‘omission’. Life is much shorter than most really have a deep concept of. Much, much shorter. Realizing that on a ‘deep gut/heart felt level’ one can only be open and always prepared to be loving. Call loving ‘friendly’, at least. I have a friend from NYC who tours the world several times per year ‘being friendly to friendly’ souls (preferably female), who said years ago that his good fortune with the opposite sex was his friendliness seeking only friendly people, be they old ladies or. even dogs. People ‘unfriendly’ certainly deserve one’s being friendly perhaps even more so however, it take ‘resonance’ to collaborate in a meaningful exchange of loving kindness.

One either spreads negative or positive, love or hate. The time is always ‘now’, not tomorrow. People disappear. sometimes they die in silence that one never knows about because of ‘love’s omission’, more that a ‘white lie’ but, enough to put a tear into the eye of god and the heart of any loving person. Love is free, communication is free, why not choose both for a more fulfilled you and a better world?! (stream of consciousness)

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