Is God Dead?

3084844235_0deca8840b_mJune 19, 2009
The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, was wrong when he said ‘God is Dead’ but, in a way he was right! Actually, God moved on to another solar system thousands of years ago leaving the seeds planted here of Godliness or, ‘self gardening’ for each to grow on their own. So there is no God and yet, there is.

What’s all this ‘believe in God stuff’ then? Well, no harm but, it’s not much different than believing in Santa Claus in the middle of Summer except by that time he’s gone and, in his case ‘was never there anyway’! To think that there is this one God and he’s just watching this little speck solar system in the universe among millions of solar systems, is frightening to think that billions do!

Now wouldn’t a compassionate God spend time wherever life was new? Now maybe, just maybe, God planted the seeds of ‘godliness’ in each person thousands of years ago to monitor themselves individually and collectively only if they take advantage of that special ingredient left for them – ‘freedom of choice’. Possibly, feeling the job was well set for humans to take self responsibility and, the need was greater elsewhere, God went out into the universe. Certainly God is a great gardner and all the species were in place to grow and prosper with the mystical, magical energy left for them.

Mankind is still waking up even in this digitized, technologically advanced age which is challenging the ‘old world order’ of greed, selfishness, and power. Religious leaders in the millions around the world are inventing new ways to keep their ‘flocks’ together even using the ‘stick of guilt’ for everlasting damnation. Worship of idols and what the imagination conjures up is epidemic as people cling in fear of why they are here and where they are going. God left the secret to love and life hidden in plain sight for those who see it within and then, nurture it. Godliness is in each, no necessity to seek but, only to pay attention …pay attention…pay attention….

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