Dumb Women

3181417186_9fd9c5afb2_mJune 20, 2009
It don’t take a ‘rocket scientist’ to see that ‘women self destruct’ from a life of common sense accompanied with love, compassion, empathy, etc. Women typically dream of the moon and diamonds but, end up with anything that doesn’t impress them much as, having anything a woman is entitled to. Men are the beasts of humanity having nothing to offer but promises to meet a woman’s nonsensical dreams and, instead make a mockery of the nuances of love’s infinite expressions, ‘transparently’. (Always rare exceptions on both sides acknowledged).

Marriage is little more than a seeming comfortable, secure trap from what it is that women really seek, if, they ever even figure it out! I strongly recommend that most every woman and man live separately and invest in a dog or two while learning how to meditate and love themselves before venturing into the ‘guilded cage’ of partnering with anyone. ‘Guilded cages’ trap and restrict freedoms, but have very comfortable surroundings that, sadly, are dead and non responsive.

Any woman who chooses a partner who is not her equal or more, in being balanced emotionally, spiritually, and consciously, is an ‘idiot’ and likely has what she karmically deserves. If she settles for the frills of the ‘outer’ including a life of material luxury she then lowers herself to less than what most dogs offer. Men who settle for that deserve any ‘hell’ that comes with it. Few men aren’t really ‘garbage men’ in disguise but for appearances and abilities to offer that ‘truth be told’, one doesn’t really need.

Life with meaningful relationships is a ‘joke’ until one wakes up with the laughter to see the reality of it. There are two types of people -’bottom feeders’, who look for answers everywhere but inside themselves and, those pearls who see it and, manifest it. One who can’t distinguish a real diamond from a manufactured one, never can ascertain if they’ve got a real one in their sights.

Love doesn’t take work – clearing away the ‘brush’ takes the work! Love is the easiest thing in the world, finding it through one’s many acquired bad habits including, not deeply loving oneself, fuels the fires of destruction. Love is simple, free and,‘freedom’! (Stream of Consciousness)

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