CPR for Women’s Rights

2919951623_9c2053b85f_mJune 22, 2009
Men have too many rights! Women need to have the same and equal rights but, contrary to ‘male opinion’ even in the US, discrimination continues blatantly and, subtilely. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a procedure used when a patient’s heart stops beating and breathing stops. Women all over the world are ‘smothered’ by men’s ‘entitlements’ even so much so that they exhibit the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ and identify with the ‘male captors of their rights so much so that they even deny not having the rights they as human beings are entitled to.

Male ‘brainwashing’ of women has paralyzed their emotions and generally numbed down their freedoms. 99% of religious leaders, with their outdated ‘holy books’ and their sleeping with the politicians, are male! It’s not uncommon for females to delude themselves into thinking that they have far more rights of freedom than they actually do.
In all Islamic societies, for example where women are required to dress certain ways, often covering their face or heads as well as to follow certain archaic protocols in connecting with men, the women are severely brainwashed by males to feel they have freedoms that, to the western woman (who still is seeking more rights), is ‘appallingly’ delusional.

The ‘ills of world society’ are fueled by male domination of women, overt or covert. Drugs, violence, rape, crime, and wars are man’s ‘gift’ to the world that demands women to wake up and not contribute to this form of slavery. Less than 100 years ago women had no say in voting in the US and still, they are manipulated in their choices without being aware of the manipulation. At this writing, riots are happening in Iran over alleged voting misconduct as men in the form of idiots called Mullah’s are in control of violence to subjugate all women into ‘lockstep’ for male domination. Of course, all ‘enforcers’ of free speech during these disturbances are MEN!

Yesterday at the waterfront in downtown Port Townsend, Washington, I noticed a ‘hairy ape like male’ with no shirt to cover his 100 pound overweight ‘eyesore’, walking casually, licking his ice cream cone. Anywhere in America if that were a 13 year old ‘semi-flat chested girl’, she would face not only harassment but ‘arrest’. ‘Double standards’ for women are canceled world wide. It’s time for every woman to be as she has every right to be and, as males do. Be aware, question authority, and move from the heart. Breath in that ‘freedom of rights’. No CPR!

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