Illusion is Reality!

409921824_0e328101d4_mJune 15, 2009
Nearly everyone lives in illusion – looks like it’s reality to me! ALL religions are based on centuries old truths mixed with fables with no exceptions and, most of the world follows like ‘sleep walkers’ on the edge of anger if you say anything to counter that! Appear like an authority and people follow, rarely questioning their perceptions that they cling to for fear of being alone and without comforting answers.

At one point, I was friends with several escorts who for hundreds of dollars per hour would fulfill all your fantasies, mostly one’s that ‘wifey’ couldn’t handle or, better put, the men couldn’t handle with their wives! Illusion works!! Illusion can heal or destroy with fear. The power of the imagination is unparalleled as a controller of humanity in the world. Disneyland survives only on illusionary imagination, not to mention Las Vegas!

What ‘you think you are going to get’, fills the being completely and, induces action in preparation for that. Everything becomes an illusion however, why live in an illusion that ‘becomes an illusion’!? Fast food restaurants are built on illusions that the meat is real when in fact ‘flavor scientists (?)’ in New Jersey make a living at matching the flavor of all meats artificially as well as the milkshakes to wash it down. Fifty percent of adults are fat, all because of illusion and, they are not an illusion!

Imagination is powerful and why not imagine what has a possibility of being reality rather that imagining an illusion? Reality is much more exciting than illusion which is always subject to an explosion of years of conning oneself. Always, the search for truth is the only way to live life to it’s fullest authenticity. Imagination has a positive place! Illusion? Eh!

Start writing life in positive reality instead of sitting on the comfortable couch of illusion year after year. Nothing to fear but fear itself. Live by illusion and one’s life will have nothing to do with reality. Unconditional love is reality, other love is an illusion or, at best, imagination gone crazy.

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