God or NeoGod?

2616358179_7afe2140db_mJune 17, 2009
The ‘old God’ of popular perception, that varies from person to person, has been gone for millenniums! We have no ‘tracking system’ yet to see if this ‘god’ just went to setup another ‘life’ in one of the millions of ‘solar-like’ systems. This old god apparently got the ball rolling here and ‘set’ the control factors up for it to happen by itself until humans hopefully evolved enough to take it to the next level.

We are on our own! The good news is that we have the ‘seed of godliness’ within each of us but for our recognizing and manifesting it. The ‘ancient religions’ have been pilfered of love and purity while men have historically used the ‘gullible religious type’ to fatten their own ego powers and money. That will only stop when enough people wake up to the reality and not continue falling asleep with no awareness of the ‘hand-me-down’ scriptures.

At this point, the churches, mosques, and temples need to ‘stop’ regurgitating the old secure mumbo jumbo and, fire up a new path of seeing that the key is for each person to find the consciousness or, godliness within themselves. There are NO disadvantages and only ‘advantages’ for a more authentic spiritual life. All the seeds of love just need attention to grow. Start with looking at and replacing the habits that are negative and even hurtful to others with positive ones like compassion, a good attitude and, being the highest self.

The ‘New God’ or NeoGod, has been more and more visible starting in the 1950’s. Clearly, there are a few million people around the world who have stepped out of the programming of the past, while still adhering to the more ‘sacred maxims’ similar in all religions. The fears of ‘hell fire and brimstone’ dictums are gone instead, being replaced by the transparency of awareness of all possibilities that stimulate the sensitivities to be more kind to the self and others. A big factor in this growth of consciousness is the willingness to question the why’s and ‘what for’s ‘of all rules of religion, politics, and society in general. Always, the rules are motivated from love and awareness as the manifestation of the new ‘NeoGod’. The ‘son of god’ is now the ‘sun of godliness’ rising everyday for everyone’s salvation and rebirth!


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