Birth of NeoGod

June 16, 2009
Between 6-7,000 years ago, the old God died and man took over, attempting to instill the patriarchal myth that God was watching everything. Truth be known, it was man himself that tried to maintain a ‘creation’ that happened millions of years ago. With ‘no one’ looking over things, the world continues to this day to spiral out of control with wars, violence, pestilence and, general unconsciousness.

The ‘Good News’ is that since then, always there have been a minority of people who have lived in higher consciousness and contributed to making life better albeit against the tide of the negative. In the 1950’s the birth of a new consciousness began arising from the ashes of two world wars. Clearly something was happening as clashes between the ‘old’ and new consciousness were birthing. Through great resistance, this birthing has managed to wiggle free more each year, yet as the 2nd decade of the 21st century is upon us, the battle of the ‘dead god’ followers and, the growing of the new God (NeoGod) is reaching out into all corners of the world to chip away at the fervor, complacency, and, general proselytizing of ancient religions gasping in their dying breaths.

The ‘NewGod’ is really a ‘Godliness’ that arises in a more feminine, nurturing expression not seen in recorded history. Compassion, empathy, forgiveness, sensitivity and all the qualities of this new energy of ‘godliness-love’ are ‘whisping’ around the world inspite of old male chicanery to block all of it’s growth. Some call it a ‘new world order’, which in reality it is but not the one greed and ignorance has attached to the rapid emergence of technology to obviously create a need of the world recognizing all neighbors. It’s an obvious need of restructuring the world to enhance communication and opportunity for all, however, followers of the ancient past have grabbed the lead to
maneuver this growth to their ambitions and pleasures.

This ‘relic of the old god behavior’ is being met with a new spiritual consciousness that still seems to remain ignored and invisible to the ‘money self interests’. This NeoGod or,’Godliness’, is an all powerful energy of love and consciousness of truth and will inevitably swallow up and reject the unconsciousness of ancient times that has so pilfered human kind. ‘The word’ is the sound of silence of a new energy awaiting everyone to let go of the past and join the birth of a new consciousness.

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