What About Now!?

2737562370_07bb0aefd7_mJune 13, 2009
Forget about tomorrow and all those yesterdays. Forget about who you think you are, that’s really a composite of what you perceive as others opinions anyway! Why be locked into a groove that’s not what you ‘groove’ on? Why get locked into where you live and can’t be free of … so you think? Does one really need to stay glued to the neighborhood and, friends that are merely a matter of convenience and, will likely float away at the least wind of change?

Start building a passion that is you! Forget the ‘All American Dream’ – it’s been done and is all worn out. How about your dream that borrows a little common sense at the same time. Get outa town and, start by getting out of the mind of mixed messages about who you really are! There are fewer bad days when one lives in the love within and, has a passion that is your own choice.

Help ‘you’ find yourself and extend that search to giving to others who ‘waffle through life’ putting off living until endless tomorrows. What about now? It’s time to have a ‘love affair’ with yourself and take this ‘one time’ to create a path that leads to the joy of feeling it’s the best way to continue going. No one’s handing out free milkshakes but, leading the simple inspired life, there are many ‘giveaways’ from the heart that will enrich every day. Put those ‘issues’ out to pasture to feed on themselves and not depending on your service. Lose everything, empty the cup and watch it refill with new inspiring ’gratitudes from life’!

Building a ‘nest’ may be the way of some but, why do that and spend a life adding this and that to it ‘just because’. That so called ‘stable life’ may put one into a locked ‘drive’ where all creative inner development and expression slip into the ‘use to days’. Start small exchanging bad habits with good ones. Look for methods to ‘unhook’ from the shopping carts of the past that really have outlived their usefulness. Abandon all followers to remind you that ‘nothing changes’. Those followers reveal themselves as attachments like the ‘woulda-coulda-shoulda’s’ to the shouldn’ta’s, couldn’ta’s, didn’t. Now is not tomorrow or yesterday but you in passion ‘now’!

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