Marital Scam!

3178648776_bbc76ed2f4_mJune 14, 09
By the time I reached adulthood and was into my 3rd year of marriage to a wonderful girl from college, we could both see the ‘craziness’ of being married even though we valued our marriage as being much more genuine than others we saw. It wasn’t until several years later that I began to see that marriage as defined by the ‘collectivity’ of ‘what’s out there, was a joke or, more politely, an illusion much like people make love into a gift of passion that when unwrapped and experienced for a bit of time becomes merely a possession to largely acquire material gain.

Two people in love the ‘right way’ are not about marriage or possessiveness but about communication, empathy, compassion, freedom and, continuing caring for the other regardless of new consensual agreements. When those qualities are primary, there is no need for marriage or living together unless both agree from the heart and total unselfish agreement. Billions of people find love in the moment that is soon to change. Few out of those billions know that real love can begin when love reaches it’s ‘so called’ end. At the ‘seeming end’ of a relationship, love’s real authenticity is revealed!

Animals have offspring without any consciousness but ‘just natures way’ to keep the species going. Humans have inherent qualities that put them at a great advantage over animal behaviors inspite of the evidence to the contrary that strikes us in the face everyday. We have longer lives requiring far more loving care than animals. We have methods far more advanced at our disposal to learn new and better ways to live life in love and awareness. Our capacity to think is potentially far greater. We can make mistakes in love, rebound, and learn from them.

We as humans, have the greatest freedom of all living things not only in moving around and what we can do, but in all inner qualities that each possess. We possess the variety of all experiences that can be imagined. Part of those experiences available may well be having many different partners over the years that can provide a great opportunity for self discovery and inner growth. Unlimited consciousness in all matters of love with compassion is a path to spiritual growth and inner bliss, joy and, happiness. The ‘god rules’ are in following the highest choices for the self and the other’s self. Sleep around and/or, love around with consciousness! (stream of consciousness)

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