Women ‘Projects’

3398389073_8aa0621997_mJune 11, 2009
Recently a very stand-up, middle age male friend mentioned the problem of finding a woman he could connect with in a meaningful relationship. My thoughts expressed that, male or female, who have passed that so called ‘desirable unknown age’ are generally ‘working projects’ with lots of baggage. That baggage may be, collected material artifacts, from junk to a car, house, investments, etc., which might be nice but, mostly the baggage is unloaded baggage from unresolved issues carried since childhood and in addition, accumulated negative experiences which have become additional, unneeded weight.

Younger people have the same handicap with less years of more baggage accumulated but, their physical is perhaps more appealing. However, the rare people of any age who have reached a place of high consciousness are diamonds ‘out of the rough’. The older of this type are perhaps more reliable, desirable as well as rich in qualities developed that, when younger, were less obviously ingrained for manifestation. Youth’s faults are often overlooked for other attractions.

My friend emailing this morning said this:?“I’ve found over time that women who want to be friends only, have other purposes in mind, all are deceiving, deceitful in my opinion, even those who stay in close touch, which most do not except with spam like nonsense.” Hmm mm! He has a common viewpoint and, somewhat true!!

People who are not in a ‘let go’ and, focused on taking the high road while being clearly open to self examination and constructive suggestions from a friend, are losers. Makes sense to avoid them for
those who are focused on the enjoyment, discoveries and, fun of life. Getting older has ‘karmic implications’ for those values one didn’t examine and correct for higher consciousness. Women and men face them in the same ways yet, different because of gender. Older should be wiser and finer but instead, commonly is fear, denial and negativity.

Everyone should value friendships that have nothing to do with ‘sex and romance’ or ‘what the other can do for me’ syndrome. Bonding with this type of person is a little slice of heaven. Looking for riches on the outside is like a dog chasing it’s tail – amounts to nothing. Find the riches within and seek those either focused on that or, are finders of the riches within!

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