Mirror, Morror…

2876177493_999d93d57e_mJune 12, 2009.
..on the wall, who loves you more than you? Over the years, one of life’s shocks is that love is not likely going to chase you and, remain true! It is very, very rare that people both like themselves and love themselves at the same time. Those who claim so are mostly ‘wannabes’ to feed their ‘me too-I-do’ ego.

The ‘bad news’ is that if you like what you see in the mirror, sorry, it has little to do with loving the self inside. The real mirror is within you and any misgivings or judgments you may have about yourself are ‘barriers’ to loving yourself. Loving someone else is a temporary surge that usually fades into ‘never-never land’. However, the good news is, to quote Lao Tzu:
“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” That someone needs to start with you loving you!

It’s an ‘awakening moment’ to find that most beautiful girls don’t love themselves and are unsure that they are as beautiful as others adorn them to be. As time marches into the years and beauty on the outside fades, that girl continues to doubt more and more that it was ever true, while by passing the ‘inner self love’.

There are techniques to disconnect from ‘barriers’ to liking and loving oneself. The techniques must be those that reach deep into one where ‘self doubts and hurts’ are attached. All memories are adaptable to being ‘repositioned’ to a healthier and yet respectful attachment to them. Bad memories may be the result of someone else affecting one on a deep level, from abuse to death. ‘Never’ do those that created one’s discomfort or feelings of never ending traumatic memories, if they knew, want the experience to be a debilitating one when there is, in all probability, a higher choice that enriches the ‘victim’ to love themselves and all life more. We always are in control but for being aware.

Love has many levels, it’s always wise to fill each and every level from the ‘general to the endearing’ and, the source which is within. To know God or Godliness, find it within! Simply find the source or the mirror within and, search for those techniques that are the keys to unlock the heart and positive self image.


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