Right is Wrong

1437029373_a621afc6e9_mJune 6, ‘09
Take time out of your life for a week or so and allow yourself to be wrong! People are so use to being right that the ‘compartment upstairs’ for being wrong, may just be empty and out of balance with being ‘right’! How much of being right has ignored ‘wrong’ attached to it? It’s easy and comforting to always be right when ‘wrong’ is so lonely and in need of recognition! If everybody’s so right why is the world so crazy and wrong? Open up the mind and heart with compassion and become aware of a different side to everything.

Being ‘right’ can be the wrong way to be with many situations. Cut some of the old ways loose and allow a new way in. It will create more of a balance. Times and circumstances create an opportunity for another look and evaluation. Everyone can think of how they look different at things now verses an earlier time.

A rush to judgement is frequently a throw of the dice when all the facts often ignored are revealed. Cast judgments to the wind and be free of the karma that often comes with erroneous judgments not to mention the hurt it may cause others. A judgment of another void of all the facts and perhaps supported by one’s belief systems can miss the target board altogether. Judgments that feel right often feel very wrong to whom they are directed at.

Perceptions aren’t infallible and, often upon reflection, prove to be wrong. Beliefs are assumed on ‘faith’ to be right and, with no use of critical analysis or common sense. Those beliefs can color a persons reaction/response to situations that objectively are wrong or, at least, open to more clear answers. Thinking can be wrong for a lifetime unless opening the mind to examine what appear to be alternative viewpoints that may sensibly prove to be worthy of a reversal in thinking. Why miss the truth because of a stubbornness to refuse to admit being wrong. Seeing the ‘truth’ while using skillful means of relating it to others seems like a good way to bypass ‘being wrong’. And, sometimes, it’s not a matter of being ‘right or wrong’ but, what works for the best of all.

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