Gridlock on ‘Road to Hell’

3411475962_e67c3ac351_mJune 7, 2009
The Devil musta done it and switched signs to make the road to heaven an illusion and instead, really a dumping ground. A garbage pit for those who have forsaken the opportunities to find love within while electing to be homesteaders of complacency and/or self gain, complaining, ignoring the signs of the high road along with any number of self defeating fears and replicas of non awareness.

Life’s answers are always at everyone’s fingertips but, for looking in all the wrong places for the gold that ends up just paving the road ‘the wrong way’, on the wrong road! This whole ‘heaven and hell’ thing is just a metaphor for seeking or not, who you really are and finding deep self love within. What happens now is all important, what happens after we leave our body is a ‘waste of concern’, except in that it’s a good idea to count on actions now being an influence later!

The so called ‘road to hell’ is a metaphor for those who are addicted to self satisfaction and using others to promote those desires often at the expense of another. Everyone is blessed with positive opportunities. Yesterday, a 17 year old girl approached me concerning her moderate marijuana use (meaning a little once a day!) suggesting that it was a solution for her ‘anxiety attacks’. I concurred, while quickly pointing out that always it’s a momentary relaxant and, accumulating it’s use will likely require more and different negative substances while avoiding healthy methods. Why not do something about what really is causing the habit that takes one on a road to hell or, incessant problems.

As I told her, regardless of parental problems and hanging around with others with like problems, it’s time to see from other’s eyes who are healthy and compassionate, that she is no less a loving being than anyone else. Now is the best time to reverse course and focus on seeing that, while seeking only healthy, positive influences and people to be around.

Use liabilities as chances to overcome them and then, to assist others who have those same problems. The secret is to always seek the high road even if the ‘fog’ obscures that seeming impossibility, the persistent effort to find that road will serve to open up the wisdoms that lie unattended and buried within. There is ‘no gridlock’ in the way to loving and knowing yourself other than those in that same gridlock as well as, the illusory perceptions that are self imposed as barriers to see the beauty within.

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