Rubber-band Marriage

299980743_fbca8daaf8_mJune 4, 2009
Marriage in it’s highest form is a sacred union of all love’s attributes and, equivalent to the meditation path moving to the peaks of spirituality. The vast majority of marriages are held together by ‘rubber-bands’ regardless of length of time, particularly beyond the first year. ‘Marriage on crutches’ is the popular marriage once the initial honeymoon has subsided. The reasons why are usually not addressed but, obvious.

Fear of closeness tops the list of reasons for the increasing ‘cracks’ in marriage. Closeness requires two people to let all guards down in compassion for the other and, always being in full communication. Keeping the ‘eye on the ball’ with an open heart and enabling love to reignite if necessary are always necessary friends of a joyful marriage. Typically other reasons are claimed to be the cause of a ‘rattled’ marriage of ups and downs but, all reasons stem from lack of ‘self love’ mutually and, the ‘fear of closeness’.

The ‘sacredness of marriage’ always needs to be met and nurtured in high consciousness and, not in the battles of disagreements. The beginning is usually in the high energy zone and then falls to what people are really like and, that is not always pleasant! An individual’s ‘standard’ vibration of ‘love energy’ will emanate in any coupling and likely control it. Having two people involved complicates the merger unless both can meet at the peaks of consciousness.

Circumstances that two people create such as money commitments or children, create a ‘cage like’ marriage where the fear of separation keeps the bond going even if it needs continuing patchwork or ‘rubber-bands’ to keep it together. Societal programming has conditioned most to think that ‘longevity’ makes for a good marriage when it has little to do with it. Quality of everyday connecting with the full range of love’s aspects is key, whether two people decide on short or long term. One year together that changes to ongoing love as friends, is far more valuable to one’s continuing life than 40 years of marriage held together by rubber-bands!

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