Coming $Money$ Flu

2093366342_889fff2514_mJune 3, 2009
It’s already here but, is between bounces and on the upswing to again put millions or, the more fortunate, into a ‘lull zone of safety’. Stress and money are inextricably intertwined and contrary to the scare of ‘bird and pig flues’, stress and money are responsible for infinitely more illness and death, but are largely ignored as causes of sickness.

People are at all different stages in the effects of money on life style from near starving to those who hoard it for who knows what purpose! Middle-income America is the bulk of the population and from my observation, lives as if the coming new money downturn that will be ‘bouncing in’ soon, is fantasy. My observation of the average American is that they worry over money and yet, have enough income, if managed properly, to support another family!

This widespread phenomenon is regarded as ‘tuf times, but oh well….’. Few see it as an ongoing flu that extends for years unlike the two day flu that gets so much attention for flu shots that bring in billions. The ‘money flu’ is primarily a self inflicted sickness that lingers and lingers with little more than complaining as a pseudo-solution while mindless rotation of ‘cutting back and then spending, continues to support a level of uncomfortable stress. The ‘money flu’ never heals and goes into a ‘treading water’ zone.

The symptoms of the money flu vary but ‘gotta have this and gotta have that’ is common with accompanying stimulus of ‘NOW’! The real causes are unresolved issues within each one that generally are given no attention while looking to ‘spend’ and not deal with them. Be thankful for the many things you have that aren’t about money and look to expand those riches. Be innovative and use the imagination to give more to the little attended qualities that all have, as well as receiving the overlooked benefits of the world around. Awareness and common sense need be more common and used as tools to heal the ‘$$$ flu’ epidemic to instead search for a more ‘natural and loving’ way of enjoying survival. (stream of consciousness)

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