World’s Biggest Lie

3451532780_54db71f245_mJune 1 2009 Actually, there are two! First, the greatest force is also the most dangerous in the world. The greatest lier is ‘imagination’, both an asset however, typically a ‘detriment’. Humans tend to seek that which nurtures wishful thinking that becomes ‘beliefs’. Beliefs sleep with doubts. One either knows or, does not – imagination not required!

The first of the two greatest lies can be said in infinite ways but it’s essentially that men are not worth as much as they think they are. Men are not superior to women nor, wiser! A myth that seemingly haunts half the people in the world – women! Man has controlled and manipulated imaginations both by covert means referred to as ‘books of god’ and, clear, violent, neanderthal means. Most women are ‘brainwashed’ by men’s dictums and through their imaginations are likely in denial of that.

The manifestation of the world’s biggest lie, or the other half, is that a Jesus ever existed! The whole world, to some degree or other, lives in the same year (2009 AD) dictated by the death of Jesus (which can’t be since her never existed) over 2000 years ago! All western religion, including Judaism that fathered the lie, would cease to exist if ‘truth be known’! A myth has seemingly been necessary to give the poor, the downtrodden, and, ‘fearful ignorant’ hope for their existence that they could understand by having a figure to worship. Sadly, this keeps the masses ‘brain locked’ and, unable to see that there is much more in existence to be aware beyond the arbitrary blindfolding gate that has kept them from seeing.

All talk of the facts that prove the truth of the non existence of Jesus are banned/censored from all Western TV! Even this ‘censorship’ can not be spoken on TV. Of course, it’s a ‘money issue’! Following Jesus has led imaginations to ‘fear and lies’, inspite of the value of the myth. Lies stunt inner growth. Myths, like the Santa Claus one, give hope and happiness but, at some point need to be seen as ‘myths’ regardless of the celebrations. Myths certainly can continue to be enjoyed but with the ‘intelligence’ that they are total barriers to truth if identified with. The deep riches of life are hidden behind the illusions which themselves are wrongly seen as the riches. The world continues in the ‘rear view mirror’ or, in reverse. Love with awareness is not imagination. Be ‘saved from Jesus; find love!

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