Love’s End

2511197986_d74ed6f897_mJune 2, 2009
The ‘game of love’ always has an ending usually long before life’s end. There are many levels of love from family, friends, pets, and the mirroring of a ‘love relationship’. Most folks these days, young and old, exhibit ‘disposable love’ that was only enriching for the moment. They anethesize themselves into a denial that turns into a suppresion of once feelings of love at whatever level.

These purveyors of ‘teflon love’ seek their own desires of using connections until their fears of closeness are challenged beyond their comfort zone. Typically their denial is so strong that they can not see their behavior and instead move on in life through serial relationships with friends, family, and/or personal loves seeking reasons, invalid though they may be, to reject love. The behavior becomes reason for the ‘victims of ignored love’ to not only love themselves as much as possible but nurture a sense of humor and lightness.

‘Ending love’ may not be apparent for some time until rational thinking finally accepts the reality, and yet, it is love’s way to always remain open with one’s own love without clinging unnecessarily to the memories in a negative way. Love is life’s divine energy phenomenon which few understand as well as, at least, finding respect for the awesome nurturing and healing power of this incredible gift of life. Failure to endlessly embrace ‘love’s enduring qualities is certainly to put one in ‘karma’s way’ often, being ‘harm’s way’.

Love of course has no real beginning or ending when the heart and mind is always open. Loser’s of love are always those who abuse the miracle of love’s tender presence. Loving oneself is always a protection against all abuses of love. Love knows no other way than to nurture all of it’s recipients with more of the same. Communication is always a significant aspect of love. Love melts all obstacles in it’s path to pave the way to harmony. One’s true friend to find, is love!

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