Jesus-Osho Dung Hill

3338123800_0f09842c0e_mMay 30, 2009
Truth often appears to be negative. Man is comforted by ‘myths’ and lies, down the ages and continuing NOW. Jesus never existed and, that has been proven! History’s most prolific Spiritual Master, Osho (died in 1990) was frequently on drugs (valium and derivatives), known as the Sex Guru, and, with his ‘sex and spirituality’ reputation, he was unskilled in personal love with a woman. Both are man’s example of cajoling and manipulating women. The Jewish religion, called Christianity, is to keep the woman in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual chains as well as living in denial of truth.

Truth appears as negative to those who follow the path of ‘belief’ with out solid personal proof from their own experience. Even then the ego of imagination is working overtime to fight the ‘windmills of false truths’. The Yesss Centers direction is to uncover both the truths of religions and the truths of love and, in so doing, point out the lies and deceptions. Both have been filled with illusions and deceptions primarily leading women up a roaring creek into the dwindling mud of despair.

A ‘dung hill’ is a pile of feces, crap and, general waste. Religions books have merit mixed primarily with ancient crap that leaves it’s ‘believers’ smelling while just walking down the street. It’s no accident that the seats in a church are called ‘pews’! There is no such thing as ‘enlightenment’ but, only degrees of enlightened behavior. The ‘guru’ Osho, from India, was head of the largest ashram in American history, in the 80’s out in the Oregon desert hills, and was a master of provocative spiritual information and techniques for greater awareness. Inspite of that, he was primarily a ‘bookworm’ having read purportedly 75,000 works of literature. In addition, he was a manipulator through ‘sexual openness’ of the minds of millions but, leaving them empty for answers of love for each other. Women were manipulated to enjoy sex at man’s behest but, left up a creek without a paddle when all the orgasms left love empty.

Christianity, on the other hand has been anti sex, promoting a false love and a love for a mythical messiah as well as a warped definition of a god in the sky. Both cases have been empty directions for fulfilling the hidden love of woman and her ability to realize it. The same old male manipulation since recorded history, continues. The Messiah is YOU filled with manifested love and awareness of life beyond all the religious and spiritual books. Love is earned and learned by you to find. Love is an upward journey and not one of treading water until death knocks, leaving one void of inner fulfillment. All the spiritual answers are waiting inside for your discovery! (stream of consciousness)

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