Poison Love Trap

2189145438_2b1a226606_mMay 30, 2009
A life sentence in a ‘trap of love’ that becomes poisoned has two solutions. The first is to accept the fate ‘treading water’ and, making the best of it as a lower level but, functional relationship. The second, and more intelligent decision, is to escape and ‘move on with love’ but, with awareness gained to avoid all but high conscious relationships.

One of the least understood phenomenon’s of all relationships, is that the lower in consciousness, will have a dominating influence on the daily experience. This phenomenon particularly applies in partnerships or marriages. That which was initially valued as an ‘enchanting experience’ was merely the ‘carrot before the donkey’ to lure it into the ‘barn’. Sadly and typically, two enter in a relationship who are both ill suited to even have a good relationship within themselves which is paramount in connecting with the same.

The highest level of consciousness is to avoid all partnering that fail to meet the highest standards required of a ‘giving and receiving’ love. The continuing level of human development of ‘self love’ in the world is below standards of ‘conscious love’ and doomed to become a ‘love trap’. Whether it be one in the mix or both, a relationship is only as good as the highest ‘mutual level’ lived. One ‘love blinded’ creates a love blinded relationship regardless if one of them isn’t ‘love blind’. Like a gourmet meal, one bad ingredient spoils the whole meal.

One of life’s great secrets is to surround oneself with positive people particularly when one is with a ‘live-in’. Life is short but, the journey is long, and there is no time better to correct course than NOW! Emotional/mental poisoning can be permanent and fatal. Superconscious connections and relationships promote inner joy and blessings. Positive gives birth to more positive in endless succession.

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